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I have a technical issue. What can I do?

In the rare event of a technical issue, please message Admin Team via daybook’s chat; if the chat is the issue, email info@daybook.live.

How much can I write on a post?

The maximum number of characters for one post is 2,000. Writing short is a virtue. We seldom need to write more on a single post. The first six questions in this FAQ contain less than 2,000 characters. Restructure your writing if the topic you treat needs more space by creating several individual posts.

Who can see and read my posts?

You decide who can see and read your posts. Right under the posting field, you find your privacy settings. Choose between public, site members, friends only, and only me. Since daybook is an exclusive community, we do not recommend that you allow your posts to be public. Contrary to most social media, we protect your privacy 100% and no one outside the daybook community has access to your posts, photos, profile, and videos.

How can I upload a video?

You cannot upload videos to daybook, but you can link to a video on YouTube. So, upload your video to your YouTube channel, copy the link, and insert it on a daybook post where the video will appear with the featured image.

How do I join or create a group?

When you wish to join or create a group, click “Groups.” Name a group you create with a short and relevant name, so members find it with ease. Do not create groups unless you find it 100% necessary. Most questions get better answers when seen and debated by as many members as possible. Remember that daybook is an exclusive community comprising your peers, your tutors, and Ethology Institute’s staff. A group is for members interested in a topic appealing to a minority.

How do I use hashtags?

Adequate hashtags are very convenient. Check if the community has a hashtag that applies to your post or question. If there is one, use it—if not, create one. Do not create overlapping tags, e.g., #dogbehavior and #canine behavior.

May I advertise?

In our starting phase, we do not allow advertising and promoting companies, products or services, which would clutter our community wall. Our primary goal is to encourage enjoyable debates. However, once we see the community thrives, we will create a special section for classifieds for members to advertise and announce their services.

Do I have to pay to join daybook?

No, daybook is an exclusive community for people connected to Ethology Institute. Joining, posting and commenting on academic matters, and sharing private experiences you may believe will interest your peers on daybook is and will remain free.


Please, read community guidelines.

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