Community Guidelines

Daybook is Ethology Institute Campus Community Online (and substitutes our earlier internal messaging system and forums, from September 2021).

Daybook is the spot where you debate any topic with courtesy in a scientifically minded atmosphere, without peer pressure or any constraints imposed by political correctness or commercial interests. Our objective is to investigate and learn.

Please note that Daybook is not the forum to pose or resolve technical or administrative questions or make personal inquiries. For such topics, please open a ticket.



The goals of our Campus Community Online are to assist students, graduates, tutors, and admin staff in their personal and professional pursuits, to help maintain friendships and connections, to build strong and mutually beneficial ties between all members, to promote goodwill, to stimulate interest in further studies, and to enhance involvement with our institution.

To meet the aim of the daybook community, it’s essential for members to feel they are in a safe place populated by people with shared interests. Therefore, we request you read and adhere to the guidelines that follow. Our community guidelines exist to protect, not restrict you.

Daybook substitutes the earlier forums, from September 2021. To earn a certificate, you need to earn at least one study credit by being an active member of the daybook community.

Daybook is only accessible to Ethology Institute’s tutors, staff, and students. For security reasons, daybook only inherits your user login from and you have to complete your daybook profile to get full access.

Important: You need to identify yourself so we can validate your diplomas. Therefore, complete your profile by filling in all fields (except the optional website) and uploading an ID photo of yourself (not your dog or cat).  Failure to comply will prevent us from validating your diplomas and will block your access to posting or commenting (these are automated processes).

Eventually, as we increase our safety measures, incorrect ID photos will be autodeleted by our server. Contrary to most social media, we protect your privacy 100%, and no one outside the daybook community has access to your profile, posts, photos, and videos unless you explicitly allow that, which we do not recommend. We take security very seriously—for the sake of all of us.



  1. Complete your profile including your ID photo. You can make it private so only the EI Admin team can see it and verify it is you. For security reasons, we may block persons not fully identified.
  2. You have the right to hold and express your viewpoint and the duty to respect others’ opinions. Treat others online as you would treat them face to face. You may post everything you like as long as you do it respectfully and comply with these rules of engagement.
  3. Communicate with courtesy and respect. Do not use cursing, slang, or street-language, post prejudiced comments or profanity.
  4. Be tolerant of others’ views; respectfully disagree when opinions do not align and explain why. You cannot disagree with a person, only with a statement or an argument. Do not bully or make inflammatory remarks to other community members.
  5. Read all posts you intend to comment on thoroughly, take your time, ponder, write your commentary, and review it before posting. Do your homework: provide references for your claims or to counteract an argument. We are an educational institution and, therefore, we may delete any unsubstantiated claims with no further notice.
  6. Language matters—choose your words thoughtfully. Use the correct terminology. Use emoticons within reason. Be tolerant of members less proficient in writing and allow for misunderstandings when dialoguing with anyone not communicating in their native language. Give others the benefit of the doubt. When in doubt, ask for clarification.
  7. Do not make personal attacks on other community members or any third party. Do not use ad hominem and ab auctoritate arguments. Do not use defamatory remarks or make false statements against others.
  8. Do not delete posts or comments on an ongoing thread. Editing is only for minor corrections. Instead, post a new comment rectifying what you wish to correct or elaborate.
  9. We do not moderate your opinion or arguments provided you respect these rules. We will delete any post disregarding these rules without further ado. Follow your tutors’ recommendations and instructions. Our copy editors may edit your posts (typos and grammar) to improve readability but never for content.
  10. Respect the privacy and personal information of others.
  11. Your sole remedy against Ethology Institute and its faculties, administration, and students for dissatisfaction with its site, daybook community page, or any content is to stop using this site, community page, or any such content.

Offenses especially serious are:

  • Making personal attacks on other community members.
  • Using defamatory remarks or making false statements against others.
  • Posting prejudiced comments or profanity.
  • Bullying or making inflammatory remarks to other community members.
  • Sharing your login details with anyone or allowing anyone to impersonate you.

Use messaging responsibly. The intent of this tool is to keep community members in touch with one another, to help facilitate networking, and to promote common interests. Some examples might include:

  • Contacting a tutor.
  • Inviting local area peers to an event.
  • Offering or asking for help to coordinate an event.
  • Reaching out to individual members for advice, reconnecting, or joining a group.

Messaging and use of personal contact information made available through the Members Directory—including names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts, student information, and employment information—for any commercial, promotional, or political purpose are prohibited. Forbidden activities include solicitations for business or personal services, fundraising, cold-calling of any kind, mass-mailings, or broadcast e-mails.



We will take action when we notice someone violating these guidelines. We may issue a warning to the violator, revoke certain privileges, or close an account. We kindly request all community members report any activity that contravenes our guidelines to



By logging onto the daybook community and activating your profile, you declare to agree with the terms and conditions listed above.


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