Suzana Spasojevic

About Me

As an international lawyer, my work for many years focused on human rights and humanitarian law within various international organizations worldwide.
Over the past decade, since I came back home, I spent time doing what I truly enjoys, working with dogs and dog owners, upon realization that my true passion lie with animals and specifically dogs training and behavior issues.
Although a lifelong dog lover and animal activist my serious journey began as a volunteer at a recognized School for Dogs, where my passion grew into a fulfilling mission and a calling.
I devoured books and attended seminars by the luminary animal behaviorists such as Ian Dunbar, Sophia Yin, Jean Donaldson, Victoria Stilwell, Patricia McConnell, among others.
This journey lead to a disturbing realization that there is a massive indifference and maltreatment of animals due a misguided cultural attitude and a tragic lack of animal behavior education within the general populous in my area.
Due to an alarming widespread absence of a natural and quality relationship with dogs, the general misunderstanding of animals, I realized that owners and their pets could benefit greatly from my lately gained skills and knowledge.
Today, I enjoy helping owners improve their ways of relating and communicating with their dog by focusing on proper training and respect with an objective of obtaining harmonious relationship outcomes.
Every new information, new book, and work with every dog I met, broadens a greater interest and increases my insatiable appetite for more knowledge.
I believe that participation in this course will deepen my knowledge, fill in the gaps and enable me to further improve my skills so that I may continue to provide highly needed service to owners, dogs and community.
Best regards

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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